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We strive to provide a good quality of life and to save as many sick elderly or disabled animals as possible from the prospect of being destroyed as unwanted and unloved, from our high kill shelters in Florida. We go to every extent to rehome them when possible and provide sanctuary to the ones that are not adoptable.

Yoshi' Family Rescue Ranch has rescued 45 dogs recently, ALL from death row, 31 from MDAS when the shelter closed, 14 from other places, medical needs have gone way above pledges and this is the additional needed to complete care for the remaining dogs. Sashi has had a large mass removed along with his spleen, $1000 was raised, outstanding bill is just over $500 owed to the vet. He also has a very sore mouth and bladder stones that will cost another $1820, we have 6 that are HW positive, Charlie, KC who also has a tumor on her back, Tuck, Balto, Mario, and Myla, some funds are raised for 2 of them but an additional $1500 is needed. Deb who came to us pregnant which we did not know, had 15 puppies 10 which lived, we need $160 each for the puppies for vetting, spay/neuter. Kenny & Koko, brought to us by a neighbor were found bound together and tied to a pole on the highway, they have a Entropion eye, which if not fixed will cause ulcers to the cornea and eventually possible blindness, they also need to be spayed and neutered, need $1600 for them. This rescue does not have these kinds of funds and desperately needs help, we have done some great work and need to be able to keep doing so. 

Yoshi's founder - Debbie

We care for over 40 rescue dogs daily.

Please help with a donation for their food & medical needs.

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